United Over Ukraine Launch Kickstarter Campaign

Charity compilation organiser proposes vinyl release via Kickstarter

Igor Glushko, the organiser of charity project ‘United Over Ukraine’, has announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund a physical release for the fifteen-track compilation. As stated in our in depth interview with Glushko, the compilation features both Ukrainian and international artists with all proceeds going to the Maiden Family fund. Featuring artists such as Svreca, Dustin Zahn, ACS and Vakula, the project covers a range of eclectic electronic sounds, from industrial dance-floor to Ambient and Noise.

With the project being released on June 9th digitally and on CD, the Kickstarter campaign may come as a surprise to some. However, the aim of the campaign is to release the compilation on vinyl as an ultimate accolade for all artists involved and to solidify the release. The Kickstarter project also enables fans, activists and sympathisers to support the project financially, with pledges over 45 receiving a high-res poster of the artwork free of charge. With a funding deadline of July 26th and a scheduled release for September, the proposed project will consist of two hand-stamped records with 3xLP-sized full colour record sleeve.

United Over Ukraine

The release also features contributions from Perc and Etapp Kyle, with the former’s track consists of distorted textures and ominous tones in fitting with the releases aesthetic. Perc stated the following on his intention and compositional technique.

“For my contribution to the compilation I wanted to do something new and something that somehow had a connection to what the project was about, rather than send over track I already had sitting around, that for whatever reason had not fitted on any recent releases of mine. To record and sample the 24-hour video stream from the main square in Kiev seemed fitting and to catch the singing at the end, which I actually only recently learnt was the Ukrainian national anthem, was quite a stroke of luck and something that has resonated with many of the people that have heard my track.”


A more direct political backlash was felt by Ukrainian native Etapp Kyle. After a general indifference towards politics, Kyle had the following the say on what inspired and provoked him in to action

“Everything suddenly changed after a peaceful protest at Maidan got violently dispersed on November 30th. Actually, I think that this event has become a point of no return for most Ukrainian citizens. Authorities simply turned a blind eye to human rights when they applied force to their own people at the time when the square was only occupied by small number of individuals, mainly students. It was this night that forced people all over Ukraine go out on the streets and protest, at this point hardly anybody remained uninvolved. It was difficult to work and sleep, people felt constant pressure, especially those who lived in Kiev.”

In the hope of raising awareness and donating something substantial to a worthy cause, the compilation serves as a unifying stance against imposed tyranny and discordance. According to Kyle ‘the main problem lies in the axis of mentality. We simply need more time for our society to start functioning normally, for people to realise the importance of basic values like tolerance, respect and humanity.’

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