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UK Premiere Of Ryoji Ikeda’s supersymmetry Announced

The Japanese sound artist latest work will be his first UK solo exhibition.

Previously illuminating the London sky with spectra back in August, Ryoji Ikeda will return to the capital in April with supersymmetry. Exploring music and visual art, ‘through mathematics and physics’. An immersive installation containing forty projectors and computers, it promises to disorient with, ‘colliding, mutating, sound, text and visual data’.

Drawing on Ikeda’s residency at Switzerland’s Centre For Nuclear Research (CERN – home of the Large Hadron Collider), supersymmetery is based on the theoretical mathematical model of the same which looks at why particles have mass. Taking place at The Vinyl Factory Space in Central London from 23rd April to 31st May, supersymmetry promises to be another thought provoking and stimulating piece from Ikeda.

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via The Vinyl Factory