jay dee mpc

Turn Your Computer Keyboard Into An MPC

Sample Stich allows you to try your hand at reworking Hip Hop classics. 

Long one of the most vital pieces of kit for any would be beatmaker, a new website has recreated the function of an MPC for your computer. Sample Stitch, developed by Matt Daniels, takes the original samples that make up Jay-Z and Kanye West’s ‘Otis’ (Otis Redding – ‘Try A Little Tenderness’), J Dilla’s ‘Don’t Cry’ (The Escorts – ‘I Can’t Stand To See You Cry’), and 9th Wonder’s ‘Impressknowyoursoul!!!” (The Impressions – ‘Sunshine’), and allows users to play with their component parts and make their own versions – which they can then share on Facebook and Twitter.

Writing on the site, Daniels explains his reasoning behind breaking these songs down to the tiniest details. “I’ve been re-constructing hip hop songs from their original samples, and every time I’ve been fascinated by the producer’s choices.” He adds, “producers are studying these moments for hours. They understand the minutia – the exact note at the exact millisecond that creates an interesting beat. I wish that more people understood this process and gift, so I’ve re-created the process of chopping up a sample, just as a producer would.” He continues to breakdown the sampling technique of the the producers in each of the three songs – the latest bit of research from Daniels after he previously broke down the size of rapper’s vocabularies, the etymology of the word ‘shorty’, and a statistical breakdown of Outkast.

via FACT