Trouw To Publish A Book

The Amsterdam club is publishing a book of memoirs for its six year run

As Trouw closing date on January 3rd looms ever nearer, the people behind the prestigious establishment have a book documenting the happenings within over the past six years.

Paying tribute to the organisations club and restaurant space the book will feature photographs, anecdotes and interviews with residents and staff like Tom Trago, Job Jonse and international guests who have visited the space over the years such as Gerd Janson, Optimo and the Innervisions crew. “Before the speakers thump out their last beat on January 3rd, we would like to share our memories and experiences through an extraordinary book – that comprehensively represents the life of Trouw as a nightclub, restaurant and art space.

pays tribute to Trouw’s restaurant, club and art space. It contains pictures, personal anecdotes and interviews from Trouw’s crew of DJs and staff, including residents Tom Trago and Job Jobse, and international guests like Gerd Janson, Optimo and the Innervisions team. It also includes conversations with the architects and designers and featuring stories dating back to Trouw’s many predecessors, including the fabled nightspot, 11. Club Founder, Olaf Boswijk bids all visitors of the club farewell with an endearing letter and a thorough history of the venue is incorporated through.

The book will be published in English and is available on the Trouw website, there is also a Trouw box set which features double pack vinyl available via club collection only.

You can order the Trouw book here