Tracing London’s Reggae Record Sleeves

London-based photographer Alex Bartsch is tracing the roots of Reggae record covers in London.

For his latest project, photographer Bartsch has sifted through his record collection and pulled out a selection of Reggae records that all have something in common – the photos on their sleeves were photographed in London town. He’s since set it upon himself to track down the location of each record sleeve and align that sleeve in its current day location. ‘Reggae Covers In London’ is a great project that wonderfully documents the rich cultural make-up of post-war London, and provides a glimpse into sound system culture’s roots within the UK – many of the locations you’ll be able to spot for yourself. The record sleeves were all photographed in London between 1967-85 – according to Bartsch this is a work in progress and a book and exhibition will follow in due course.

UPDATE: Photographer has requested that the photos are temporarily taken down until nearer the time of the book launch. 

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