Thefft To Release On Damu’s Fulcrum Records

Following on from Paleman’s ‘All Good’ EP, is Thefft’s ‘Distronet’ EP.

So far so good for Damu‘s new label. The well-received Paleman record is to be followed, on October 22, by what sounds like an equally high-quality Thefft contribution.

Thefft has made a strong start to life as an artist with the impressive ‘Primer’ EP and the inclusion of a track on the much-hyped Oneman Fabriclive mix. In the ‘Distronet’ EP, the production seems further refined from previous works and the ideas more interesting. ‘Ten Ten’ is possibly the highlight and, without doubt, the most adventurous track; full of soulful sampling and piano stabs, Thefft moves way beyond the bounds of typical bass music.

Stream clips of all four tracks below, and grab Thefft‘s recent free giveaway here.