The Analogue Cops Ready Debut Album ‘Heavy Hands’

Italian-born Berlin-residents The Analogue Cops announce the release of their debut album in March (via Resident Advisor).

Lucretio and Marieu‘s sound has, over a number of years, flickered between house and techno, but remained true to the warmth and natural feel of hardware production. The 8-track long player will no doubt do the same, and also feature untitled pieces of ‘experimental noise’ to finish each side.

Steffi, who collaborates with the pair as Third Side, and Blawan, who collaborates with them as Paraseela, unsurprisingly feature on ‘Heavy Hands’, as well as longtime German producer and Diamonds & Pearls regular, EAT.

As in standard for Restoration Records, ‘Heavy Hands’ will only be available on vinyl only. Preview a recent mix for Neighbourhood and see tracklist details below.

The Analogue Cops – ‘Heavy Hands’ full tracklisting:
A1 Steffi’s Disco Crime
A2 Seconddicocrime feat. Steffi
B1 Blackmails
B2 Fraudolent Advisors
C1 Light Reduction feat. Blawan
C2 Vopo
D1 Grove Line Forcing
D2 Pearls Robbery feat. Stanley Anscrom