bambaataa crates

Take A Look At Afrika Bambaataa’s Crates

The leader of the Zulu Nation provides insights about his huge record collection on the latest episode of Fuse’s ‘Crate Diggers’ show.

Interviewed by Hyponik last year, Bambaataa is described as the ‘master of records’, and is widely revered as one of the founding fathers of Hip-Hop. Embracing a diverse array of influences including Funk and Motown, oddities such as children’s TV show theme tunes and Kraftwerk – who’s ‘Trans-Europe Express’ he sampled on ‘Planet Rock’, his biggest hit. The figurehead of the Zulu Nation collective, Bambaataa has been promoting Hip-Hop culture and a message of peace, love and unity for more than 40 years, accumulating – as the below video shows, a lot of records along the way.

Currently in the midst of a three year tenure as visiting scholar at upstate New York’s Cornell University, his record collection now resides there and forms the basis for the latest in Fuse’s popular ‘Crate Digger’ series. Presented by the collection’s assistant curator Ben Ortiz, and with interesting asides from Bam himself, the 10 minute plus long video delves deep into the daunting mass of records now living in the university’s archive. Showcasing the starting diversity of the Amen Ra’s of 638 boxes of records, the episode treats us to a look at everything from proto Italo Techno to James Brown records, as well as Bam’s handwritten original copy of the slavery ending emancipation proclamation.