Szare To Release On Mindset Records

Anonymous production group Szare return with three new cuts for Manchester’s Mindset Records.

Highly regarded releases for the similarly murky Horizontal Ground imprint, Berlin’s Krill Music and Bristol based Idle Hands have seen Szare root themselves firmly in the techno landscape, with their shady blend of tribal, dubstep steeped techno, or as they put it themselves, a collection of “Eerie, lazy and chewy” sounds. We caught the guys at the Idle Hands Boiler Room a few weeks ago and were impressed by their inventive approach to playing live, with an array of bizarre homemade equipment on display.

Since 2008, Mindset have consistently released music that challenges sonic boundaries and follows no real set pattern, from an array of artists such as Indigo, xxxy, Synkro and Troy Gunner, with the only distinct reference point between these releases being a nod towards sound-system culture and a love of sub-low frequencies.

Preview the release and tracklist below:

Dust/Leaning Towers of Concrete/Você Aí will be released via Mindset Records on August 20th.