Surprise Appearance of Autechre’s ‘Exai’

Autechre’s new album ‘Exai’ is now available to buy digitally

One of the most anticipated albums of 2013 has made an unexpected early appearance on the digital record shelves. Autechre‘s ‘Exai’ has dropped a month before its original release date of March 4th, and is now available from the Warp Records website.

Those keen to get their hands on the deluxe 4xLP vinyl and 2-CD editions will have to wait a bit longer, but pre-orders are being taken with a free digital download for every purchase.

The two hour, 17-track album is Autechre‘s eleventh full release, following 2010’s ‘Oversteps’.


Autechre – ‘Exai’ full tracklisting:
1. “FLeure”
2. “irlite (get 0)”
3. “prac-f”
4. “jatevee C”
5. “T ess xi”
6. “vekoS”
7. “Flep”
8. “tuinorizn”
9. “bladelores”
10. “1 1 is”
11. “nodezsh”
12. “runrepik”
13. “spl9”
14. “cloudline”
15. “deco Loc”
16. “recks on”
17. “YJY UX”