Sully To Play London Show

UK bass man, Keysound Recordings artist and 2step master Sully is set to play a very rare show in London this Saturday (October 1).

The Norwich based producer, who’s ‘Carrier’ album has just been released via Martin ‘Blackdown’ Clark’s Keysound imprint, is set to play back-to-back with the man responsible for releasing some of his earliest work, Frijsfo Beats label head Oslek at the upcoming Voodoo party at the Rhythm Factory on October 1.

Having taken a break from deejaying over the past 2 years, Sully is set to bring his UK bass and juke stylings to the capital, alongside Bristol’s slow house and bass impresario Kowton, Bonita’s T Bass Robot and the Wifey crew’s LTF + RK.

For tickets and more information, head over to the official Rhythm Factory site.