Street Fighter II Soundtrack To Be Released On Vinyl

The legendary Capcom video game’s soundtrack will see a limited edition vinyl release.

Brave Wave, the award-winning Japanese label that’s ‘dedicated to exploring the interplay between video games, music and nostalgia’, have announced they will release a deluxe remastered vinyl of the score to beloved fighting game Street Fighter II. The special release will contain liner notes from original composer Yoko Shimomura and Polygon.com writer Matt Leone. It will be pressed to translucent vinyl, with art prints carefully sourced from the Capcom archive. An impressive looking CD version will also be released (as featured in the image above) for those without access to a record player.

‘Street Fighter II’ is the first release in Brave Wave’s new Generation Series, described as a chance for experts and original composers to work together to reissue soundtracks of classic video games in bright new packaging. There is currently no release date but you can stay in the loop with Brave Wave on Twitter.

via Fact Mag