Stream The Two Remixes Of FaltyDL’s ‘Straight And Arrow’

Four Tet, Gold Panda and Mike Q & Divoli S’Vere re-invent the new FaltyDL single.

‘Straight And Arrow’ is the first single from FaltyDL‘s album – it is surprisingly downtempo, but retains the garage flair of previous productions and, with a soft vocal on top, makes for a smooth listen. Four Tet adds his cultured swing to the drums and gears the track towards the dancefloor. Gold Panda takes it in another direction entirely with melodic synth work and stereo atmospherics.

The three remixes are spread, together with the original, over three different records and are to be released by pioneering label Ninja Tune; the same label is to release FaltyDL‘s forthcoming LP ‘Hardcourage’ in January.

Buy from November 5 and stream the original and two of the remixes below.