Stream The Three Tracks That Make Up Sunklofree

The third instalment of Boddika & Joy Orbison vinyl release series drops tomorrow, and audio of the three tracks is now available.

Perhaps not as club-ready and functional as previous outputs of this format, ‘Froth’/’Mercy’ and ‘Dun Dun’/’Prone,’ but what this release lacks in raw dancefloor power, it certainly makes up in the depth and subtlety of production.

Joy Orbison & Boddika‘s now trademark sound explores typically dark regions in ‘Nil,’ and does so with devastating effect; whilst ‘Moist’ takes a slightly more upbeat, twisted approach. The third track on the record is a three-way collaboration including Hessle Audio man, Pearson Sound. Entitled ‘Faint,’ this mouth-watering combination of producers serves up the stand-out track – a catchy sample gives the tune the instant recognizability that it deserves, and the percussion is equally memorable. Expect to see this record on our next top 15 chart!

Featured photograph credit is attributed to the pair’s recent Resident Advisor interview, well worth a read here.

Stream the three tracks below; ‘Nil,’ then ‘Moist,’ then below that is ‘Faint.’