Stream The New Jon Convex & dBridge EP

Two producers very fitting to Martyn’s 3024 imprint collaborate in new three-track release.

Since the gradual split of Jon Convex‘s minimal drum & bass project with Boddika, namely Instra:mental, he has explored much slower tempo ranges, forging an almost miliatary techno sound of his own. This release is slightly different in that the sound is twice softened by the meditative vocals of dBridge, himself, on ‘Lied To Be Loved’ and equally on ‘Stay.’

Not down to the absence of dBridge vocals, but ‘Zero’ does seems the standout track. Jon Convex gives a more melodic pulse to the track moving away from his trademark, techno thud towards a house groove with elegant sampling.

Set for release on May 23, watch out for this one. Stream clips below.