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Stream The First Single From Femme En Fourrure’s Forthcoming Album

Taken from the forthcoming album “36-26-36”.

As with both the albums to come out on Convex Industries so far – Jon Convex‘s ‘Idoru’ and Wraetlic’s self-titled debut – “36-26-36” will be preceeded by sampler 12″s and remixes. The first sampler and South London Ordnance‘s remix of ‘Watcher’ are available to stream below.

In their own words, Finnish duo Femme En Fourrure‘s music is ‘made for DJs and catwalks.. for nightly promenades and oceanside sexin’. ‘Watcher’ is a seductive, downtempo cut, aimed more at the catwalks than DJs. ‘Bound’, and the SLO remix of ‘Watcher’ are more upbeat; ‘Bound’ features similarly eerie vocals, but replaces the abstract rhythms of ‘Watcher’ with 4×4 kicks and low-end synth stabs, rounding off an exciting tease of what’s to come.

“36-26-36” and ‘Wraetlic’ both indicate the beginning of a more experimental direction for Convex Industries, and on the evidence so far, it looks to be a good move. Release date TBC.


‘Watcher’ (South London Ordnance Remix)