Stream Superisk’s Remix Of Kahn

Bristol’s Superisk has produced a fascinating remix of fellow Punch Drunk artist, Kahn.

Superisk came to our attention in 2010 with breakthrough track ‘Find Your Way’, a track that contained a thoughtful combo of ominous synth parts, vicious low-end grumble and cascading orchestral samples, all smothered in a healthy coat of eski. On his recent remix of Kahn’s ‘Angeles’, Superisk’s sound is as dynamic and tough as ever, but with a few more unexpected twists and turns along the road.

He takes Kahn’s original piece of sprightly 2-step and adds euphoric synth rises, layers of twisted vocals and rugged low-end pressure. This track is pretty agitated and doesn’t sit still for too long, but this element of unpredictablility is very refreshing. Be sure to stream the track for yourself below.