Stream R&S’ Forthcoming MPIA3, aka Truss, EP

MPIA3 has a 6-track EP entitled ‘No Order’ coming out on R&S.

As Truss, Tom Russell makes no-nonsense techno, and, as MPIA3, he makes the uncompromising kind of acid that we’re hearing less and less of these days.

This EP is, therefore, a welcome and bold move from London’s highly-rated R&S Records. Also home to the likes of James Blake, Pariah, Airhead, Space Dimension Controller, Vondelpark, Happa, and Blawan, this release is yet more evidence of the the label’s diverse A&R.

Stream clips below, and buy from December 3.

‘No Order’ EP full tracklisting:
A. Crusty Juice
B1. Mountain of Ash
B2. Roly Poly Babs
C. Acid Badger
D1. Your Orders
D2. Ridge Way