Stream Pedro123’s Forthcoming ‘Slush’ EP

Young grime producer Pedro123 to release ‘Slush’ and ‘Jetpack Joyride on Get Some Records.

Together with a bassline Checan remix, these two tracks make up the third vinyl release of the London-based Get Some label and blog, following Eagles For Hands and Crypt EPs, and also a digital only No.Face EP.

Pedro123‘s production have won the support of DJs from grime and more electronic scenes alike, names such as French Fries, Monki, Manaré and Brackles can be counted as fans. ‘Slush’ is a raw grime instrumental capable of standout moments in DJ sets. ‘Jetpack Joyride’ and the Checan remix add garage percussion to the record, lending itself a wide range of DJ’s crates.

October 26 will see Regulate host a launch party for the release. They host Breakage, Mickey Pearce, Mele, South London Ordnance, Mak & Pasteman and Mista Men in room one, whilst Get Some host Slimzee, DJ Wonder, Pedro123, Checan and residents. RSVP here, buy vinyl from November 12, digital from November 17, and preview the ‘Slush’ EP below.