Watch Video For Vondelpark’s ‘Dracula’

A melancholy taster of the Surrey-based band’s forthcoming release,’Dracula’, with a misty-eyed video from Cieron Magat.

Described as being like ‘Sade remixed by The XXVondelpark have established a emotive and doleful sound, with haunting vocals and brooding chords driving their records.

Here the warped, slo-mo clips sit perfectly with the sombre romance expressed in the song, fleeting clips of city life which present ‘Dracula’ as a lost urban love song. After the success of their intricate ‘NYC Stuff and NYC Bags’ EP back in 2011, the band are fully on form with their weightless, ambient formula; look out for ‘Seabed’s release in Spring next year via R&S Records.

Stream Vondelpark ‘Dracula’ below.