Stream New L-Vis 1990 EP ‘Club Constructions Vol.1’

Co-Founder of Night Slugs, L-Vis 1990, kicks off their new series with a five-track EP.

As the name of the new series, ‘Club Constructions,’ suggests, Night Slugs new are starting a new focus on dancefloor EPs. Not that what they were doing before wasn’t to the same effect, but the production in this new release does seem to keep the DJs in mind from start to finish.

The sounds have not changed. L-Vis‘ effort is still as typical a Night Slugs release as any, but it is delivered in such a way that gives it a new edge. Perfectly structured in a linear fashion, these are five tracks to be seamlessly blended into ‘peak time’ DJ sets. No release date set as of yet.

Stream clips of the EP below.