Stream: Botany – Quatic ( Western Vinyl )

Check out a stream of ‘Quatic’ from Texan producer Botany’s forthcoming debut LP. 

Coming from ‘Lava Diviner ( Truestory )’ which is out next Tuesday 29th October, the track reflects the meticulous sound collecting that Botany, real name Spencer Stephenson, undertook to make it. Said to have made the LP with a mixture of ‘aging desktop computers, samplers, guitars, bells, flutes, tape recorders, turntables, violin playing room-mates’ and more, ‘Quatic’ showcases these methods through its layered textures and intricate details. Placed atop a boom-bap beat, the track conforms to Stephenson’s wish to craft ‘grand, colourful, surreal landscapes that are mind-bending yet oddly comforting’ through his music.

‘Lava Diviner ( Truestory )’ promises to plough a similar path to ‘Quatic’ with the album being mastered Stones Throw affiliate and fellow sonic explorer Matthewdavid. Constituting Stephenson’s first ever full length release, ‘Lave Diviner ( Truestory ) will show an artist delivering rich emotive detail in a toe tapping, head nodding fashion.

You can stream ‘Quatic’ below ahead of the release of ‘Lava Diviner ( Truestory )’ next Tuesday 29th October.