Stream a very extended Four Tet remix of OPN’s ‘Sticky Drama’

Kieran Hebden remixes one of the highlights from Oneohtrix Point Never’s 2015 album Garden of Delete.

Hebden has long been known to be a fan of Lopatin’s work. His take on ‘Sticky Drama’ is billed as an ‘extended mix’, which doesn’t quite do it justice, as the remix is almost an hour long.

Four Tet is no stranger to lengthy tracks as of late – his 2015 album Morning/Evening consisted of two 20-minute pieces, and his epic Eric Prydz remix was quite the talking point towards the end of last year.

As of 4pm this afternoon, Four Tet’s OPN remix is premiering on live stream via Boiler Room as part of a special broadcast from the Barbican Centre. So far we’ve been treated to a silent tour of the backstage corridors. Let’s see what this evolves into:

After you’re done with that, watch the mildly disturbing video for the original ‘Sticky Drama’: