Stream A New Virginia EP On Ostgut Ton

First appearing on Ostgut through collaboration with Steffi on album highlight ‘Yours’, the singer, songwriter, producer, and Panorama bar-resident DJ readies her first solo outing for the label.

The EP opens with the uplifting, synth-led house of ‘Neurosis’. The airy chords, claps and rim hits surrounding the 4×4 kicks are a tried-and-tested formula, one Virginia pulls off with both the clinical delivery expected from Ostgut releases and the ethereal, captivating character of Panorama Bar. ‘Shifter’ takes a twisted turn towards more cutting, Detroit-referencing sounds; an almost acid synth line replacing the gentle opener and gearing the track for peak-time effect.

On the flipside, the eponymous ‘Loch & Hill’ provides the record’s meditative peak, as percussion makes way for long chord washes and simple melodic stabs. The EP wouldn’t represent her sound in full without a vocal cut, and this comes in the closer, ‘Tangish’. It rounds off the release as an exhibit of her ability as a crossover artist, something which, aside from Steffi, has also led to collaborations with the likes of Steve Bug, Butch, and Abe Duque, as well as serious invovlvement in film music and live performance.

The ‘Loch & Hill’ EP is set for release on April 8.