Starkey Launches ‘Orbits’ LP At Birthdays, Dalston

Following the success of Friday’s ‘Civil Music Presents: Darling Farah’, the label launch Starkey’s recent album with an intimate-looking affair this Sunday evening.

Accompanied by Trim, Rattus Rattus, Ds1 and MC Shinobi, East Coast, ‘Street Bass’ producer Starkey will celebrate the release of his third album, ‘Orbits’.

In the previous two, both on Planet Mu, he blended elements of dubstep and electro with futuristic, sci-fi themes to great effect; still, ‘Orbits’ sounds like a significant step forward. The experience gained from ‘Ephemeral Exhibits’ and ‘Ear Drums And Black Holes’ clearly helped to shape ‘Orbits’, and the result is a more coherent long player than we’ve seen before.

Sunday evening from 8pm-midnight looks to be special affair, a chance to fully appreciate Starkey and ‘Orbits’, amongst a host of talented acts. RSVP here, and preview the LP below.