Spotify Shares It’s Entire Catalog With DJ App

The streaming service has shared it’s entire catalog of music with a popular DJ App that’s free to download this week.

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify has just added its catalog which features over 20 million songs to djay 2, one of the most popular DJ apps for Apple’s iOS system.

The interface is responsive and user friendly, providing all the services of a regular digital DJ set-up with two turntables, a fully functional mixer and multiple effects. The app can toggle between Spotify and iTunes libraries and also allows users to share their set lists as Spotify playlists online. It’s available as a free update to all existing users but they will need a Spotify Premium subscription to access the music catalog. All djay 2 users can get a free seven-day trial of Spotify premium, and the app is free to download from the App Store until tomorrow.

This isn’t the first time Spotify has integrated with a DJ app. In February, the service integrated with the Pacemaker iPad DJ app but this is the strongest combination to date. The provider recently announced that it had surpassed 10 million paid subscribers, proving it’s increasing popularity as the leading streaming service, but despite it’s growth the platform is struggling to grab the attention of mainstream audiences. Partnerships such as this are an effort to attract a new base of subscribers to the platform. Whether or not this will actually take off remains to be seen…

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