Spotify Launches Video and Podcast Features

The world’s top music streaming service has unveiled new video and podcast functions

Just weeks before the rumoured launch of Apple’s music streaming service, Spotify  have announced updates to the current platform at a press held today in New York. Spotify is partnering with Nerdist, Vice News, Comedy Central, MTV and more to provide exclusive content to users. Video content will be accessible in the same place as music. Spotify are also introducing playlists matching different activities throughout the day, including a running playlist that matches music to the listener’s pace. This focus on playlists will allow Spotify to serve for targeted ads.

The service will initially be offered to iPhone users in the US, UK, Germany and Sweden starting today and will continue over the next few weeks. Spotify recently quashed rumours that they would abolish their freemium tier for non-paying users and make them pay after three months of using the service. Reports suggested that Apple had pushed major record labels not to renew their contracts with Spotify to put an end to their free tier.

Conference attendees included Tiesto, who took to the stage promoting his running playlist of higher BPM, and D’Angelo, who closed the show with a performance featuring Questlove on drums.