Sister Ray Records To Open New Branch In London’s Ace Hotel

Sister Ray Records has announced the opening of a new Record Shop at Ace Hotel in East London

A new branch of the famous Soho based outlet, Sister Ray Records will open open at Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, East London on July 29th. The vinyl only store will carry an extensive range of new and second hand vinyl, across all genres and will be fitted with listening posts.

The new opening makes good sense with Ace Hotel being a well known hub for travelling DJs passing through the UK’s capital. Most of the establishment’s guest rooms are kitted out with Rega vinyl decks as well.

Sister Ray Records started out as a stall at London’s Camden market in 1984, after quickly building up a strong reputation they eventually moved to 94 Berwick Street in London’s Soho in 1989. Berwick Street is known as the Golden Mile, due to the abundance of independent record shops that are still based on the street.

Ex- EMI Chairman and current BPI Chairman Tony Wadsworth has also joined the independent record retailer, he said “Vinyl has become the format of choice for real music fans and the timing is right for a trusted guide such as Sister Ray to open a second store, dedicated to this most cherished of sound carriers!.”


For more information about Sister Ray see here.