Simone Gatto to release multi-platform debut, Detachment

The Italian producer teams up with with Sheik ‘N’ Beik for the digital release of his debut record on March 15th.

Detachment is a high-concept project that follows the mindset of Simone Gatto as he explores the philosophical and emotional relationship humans have with life, death and the universe. With a background in Philosophy & Sociology, Gatto’s art is heavily informed by his reflective perspective; channeling deep-rooted metaphysical sentiments through his music. In Detachment, Gatto aims to capture that inner sense of ‘wellness’ that can be found when we cut all of life’s bullshit to discover that happiness can be found in the most familiar places and in the company of those dearest to us.

In order to capture the expansive idea of Detachment, Gatto has created an album that is punctuated by a vast array of textures and moods. The 12 track experience takes the listener on an emotional journey between tension, impasse, chaos and calm; exploring the realms of ambient, downbeat electronica and techno along the way.

The audio is set to be accompanied by a 3D-visual experience by Berlin-based film duo The29nov. These visuals will be premiered alongside the record at the album release party hosted by OUTPUT club, Brooklyn. Until then, Simone has developed a 3D immersive experience on his website and you can check out a 10-minute teaser of the visual project below:

‘Detachment’ will be released digitally on March 15th/ 7th March You can grab a a vinyl copy here.