Shlohmo & Jeremih Feature On The Latest “Songs from Scratch”

So, that collaboration happened…

Following the astronomical success (now standing at 570k plays on Soundcloud) of LA beat kid Shlohmo‘s remix of Jeremih‘s ‘Fuck You All The Time’, it seemed it would only be a matter of time before the Def Jam artist caught wind of the tracks success and approached him to book in some studio time. Well thanks to the latest in Yours Truly‘s long-standing video sessions, you can hear a snippet of the product of time spent recording together on a cold night in late January.

Throughout the video they discuss their debut collaboration ‘Bo Peep’ (which will be released on Tuesday March 19), the mutual “vibe” between them and how Jeremih’s history as a proucer helps him to “fill in the pockets” as a vocalist.

In other Shlohmo news, his ‘Laid Out’ EP was release today, and you can stream it below, along with video.