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Sensory Percussion Turns Acoustic Drum Kits Into Electronic Instruments

The new technology aims to capture the expressive nuances of acoustic drums.

New York-based music tech company Sunhouse has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Sensory Percussion, a sensor capable of transforming acoustic drum sounds into electronic beats. According to Sunhouse it can ‘assign sounds to different parts of a drumhead or with different drum strokes, seamlessly blend samples, apply effects to different parts of the drum and multiple drums and use smart cross-talk cancellation to maintain high sensitivity in the presence of noise bleeding and distortion.’

With 16 days remaining the campaign has raised over $66,000, with a goal of $80,000. Check out an introduction to Sensory Percussion from inventor and co-founder Tlacael Esparza, with a demo from M.I.A.’s drummer Kiran Gandhi and The Flaming Lips.

For more info on Sensory Percussion visit its Kickstarter page.

via Hypetrak