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See Artwork From Unsound Festival

Artwork done by attendees of Poland’s recent Unsound Festival has been uploaded to Facebook.

The artwork was created in response to the festival organiser’s much talked about decision to impose a ban on photography and film in order to encourage audiences to “focus on being in the moment”. The direct consequence of this intriguing decision has been an abundance of drawings from festival goers in lieu of any photography. See below for brilliant drawings of Laurel Halo, Pearson Sound, Anthony Naples and more, whilst you can check out the full selection here.

( Image to the left is of Roly Porter during Dream Cargoes concert at Kino Kijów. By Edyta Żmudzka )

unsound laurel

Laurel Halo at Hotel Forum by Magda Migas

unsound pearson sound
Pearson Sound at Hotel Forum by Monika Izdebska

unsound naples

Anthony Naples at Hotel Forum by Antek