Scuba Experiments In ‘Talk Torque’ And ‘Hardbody’

Hotflush boss continues to evolve his Scuba moinker towards the mainstream.

Scuba, who will debut his live show in London on November 3 – see here, will soon release ‘Talk Torque’ and ‘Hardbody’; the former being shameless trance reminiscent of hit ‘Adrenalin’, and the latter being a deeper house track, full of uplifting, typically-Scuba synths, and a female vocal.

The consistently quality techno released by Hotflush and Paul Rose’s work under his SCB alias allow him to keep his credibility whilst also exploring styles worlds apart from the dark dubstep he started out making. With only a couple of exceptions, his recent musical experiments have been top quality, and the trend continues.

The tracks will presumably together form a 12″ and will be released on October 29. Stream below.