Scratcha DVA & Viktor Duplaix On Hyperdub

Another week, another news item on Hyperdub’s busy release schedule, as they head into the last quarter with (another) mouth watering collaboration.

Following news last week of Cooly G’s forthcoming release ‘Landscapes / It’s Serious’ featuring Karizma and Simbad respectively, the London label now hits us with a new 12″ from UK funky badman Scratcha DVA featuring none other than 90s electronic soul legend Vikter Duplaix.

HDB0057 features 2 tracks, the title track ‘Madness’ featuring the warm vocals of Duplaix set amidst a bed of warm bass tones, off-kilter swing and scaling synths, that comes across as an answer to DVA and Fatima’s 2010 summer hit ‘Just Vybe’, whilst B-side is stricter Scratcha fair with teched-out UK funky rhythms battling with weaving synth work and pulsing bass.

We’re awaiting an official release date, but both tracks are taken from DVA’s forthcoming solo artist album, entitled ‘Pretty Ugly’ and slated for a 2012 release. Preview the artwork below.

DVA – ‘Madness’ Tracklist:
A1 – ‘Madness feat. Vikter Duplaix’
A2 – ‘Madness (Instrumental)’
B1 – ‘Polyphonic Dreams’