roland 808

Roland Release Preview Video Of New Aira-808

Japanese electronics company Roland have teased the forthcoming relaunch of their TR-808 drum machine with a new video. 

First made in 1980, the TR-808 was soon followed by the 909 in ’83, with both machines playing a vital part in the early development of House, Techno and Hip-Hop. With Roland halting production of the 808 in 1983, it has subsequently earned cult status and is known to go for more than £2,000 online.

Roland have remained coy about full details of the relaunch, although some leaked reports suggest that the new version will be a digital emulation of the original rather than being a fully analog replica. The considerably more tech savvy folk at Create Digital have more details to read here.

Prior to an official public showing of the new line of kit next month, Roland have released this rather vague video below. For more on the significance of the 808, check out our writer Will Warren waxing lyrical about the machine over on his blog.