risky roadz

Risky Roadz Set To Return For Vol.3

The iconic Grime series is coming back.

Started more than ten years ago, Risky Roadz sits alongside Lord of the Mics as one of the most important visual documents of Grime culture. The brainchild of Roony Keefe, its mixture of freestyles and interviews brought the scene to life at a time when the internet had yet to completely take hold and many of Grime’s stars were effectively faceless. The first two volumes are essential viewing for any student of Grime, with the last official release being 2013’s ‘The Lost Tapes’ – which was made up of unseen footage.

Now, in the wake of LOTM’s Boiler Room supported comeback last year, Keefe has fully resurrected the series for a third edition. Fans of Risky Roadz will be relieved to know that Keefe has stuck with the same handheld camera technique that made the original volumes so exciting, with the trailer below starting by following him as he kips at his nan’s house. He then heads to Rinse, finding longtime Risky Roadz supporter Ghetts spitting fire, as we later see clips featuring Novelist, Lethal B and J2K amongst others.

Writing in the trailer’s description Keefe says: “Theres still loads left to film and loads more to do but this is my greatest piece of work to date as i said I created a format over 10 years ago which is still relevant and being used and I’ve reinvented myself with this project. Its all what you know and love from the Risky Roadz series with a whole lot more.” No release date has been set as of yet.