Resident Advisor And NTS Host Day Session At The ICA

The music platforms will host an collaborative afternoon of music, debate and discussion today

In a roundtable style event, RA’s staff will commence things with a discussion on current trends in the music industry. Following this Tessela, Kowton & Bake will play a back-to-back DJ set, with A Trevor Jackson Vs. Powell set to follow.

There will also be a Promoter’s roundtable featuring fabric’s Shaun Roberts, The Hydra’s Ajay Jayaram, Johnno Burgess of Bugged Out!, and Barbican’s Chris Sharp. The day will conclude with a third back-to-back DJ session from RA Editors Ryan Keeling and Will Lynch.

The event will run from 1-8PM and will stream live from the ICA studio via the NTS website.

For more information visit the ICA website here.