Read A Literary Account Of Berlin Techno

‘Der Klang Der Familie’ will be available in English in November

The translation of Sven Von Thülen and Felix Denk’s oral-history of the fall of the Berlin Wall and its effect on the city’s clubbing scene will be published on November 9th, exactly 25 years after the wall fell.

The 2012, German edition of Der Klang Der Familie (The Sound Of Family) is widely-regarded as the most important account of Berlin’s Techno scene penned to date. It draws on approximately 150 interviews, memories and anecdotes from bouncers, DJs, promoters, club owners and party-goers who experienced the movement firsthand at clubs such as Tresor & E-Werk. By way of a timeline, Denk and Von Thülen document how the political situation fostered a unique nightlife environment, and vice versa, how techno became the soundtrack to Berlin’s reunification.

There will be a reading of the text at Berghain Kantine on November 8th alongside a screening of the documentary ‘Wendeklang/In this place called techno’ with English subtitles followed by a party curated by the authors themselves.

The book can be previewed here ahead of its release on November 9

Berghain Lineup

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