RBMA Celebrate 15th Birthday With New Film

Red Bull Music Academy will release a film, ‘What Difference Does It Make?’, next month, to commemorate their 15th anniversary. 

Directed by award winning German film maker Ralf Schmerberg, ‘What Difference Does It Make’, was shot at last year’s Red Bull Music Academy in New York. Featuring artists such as Brian Eno, Flying Lotus, Richie Hawtin, Nile Rodgers and former LCD Soundsystem man James Murphy, the film is a study of the trials and tribulations faced by all musicians. Hoping to use this study as a jumping off point for ‘questions about life itself’, Schmerberg’s ambitious film is to be released February 18th.

‘What Difference Does It Make?’. follows the release of a book, ‘For The Record’, last year as part of their 15th birthday celebrations. Equally laden with big names, you can find out more about the book and the film by clicking through the image below.

rbma 2