Sonic Router Announce Hav Lyfe Debut LP

Just two releases deep, Sonic Router plan first album for early 2013, courtesy of Hav Lyfe.

Sonic Router made the transition from music publication to label with an impressive, self-titled debut from young producer Torus. Their first vinyl release followed next, a bouncy drum workout from Wattville.

The label’s next step is an album, and in Hav Lyfe, they have a perfect candidate. His ten tracks of hazy downtempo cover serious ground. Lo-fi noise, live instruments, hip hop-beats and the rest, Hav Lyfe packs the record with subtlety and improvisation – the result is another promising move from Sonic Router.

Preview and see tracklist below, and buy from February 4.

‘Hav Lyfe’ LP full tracklist:
1. bb
2. Civivic
3. Dion2Cool
4. My Man Kelly Moon From The Gavin
5. Mond
6. No Title 22
7. Ocean Terace
8. U Ain’t Bout Dat Lyfe
9. Wraplyf
10. Wristgame