Preview Royal-T’s Forthcoming EP On Rinse

The grime prodigy releases his ‘I Know You Want Me’ EP via Rinse on May 20th.

Southampton grime trailblazer Mark ‘Royal-T‘ Taylor made some power moves in 2012, finding himself part-owner of Butterz, the label his productions had been integral to for some time, and getting signed to Rinse Recordings. His debut album ‘Rinse Presents: Royal-T’ showcased the young producer’s potent synthesis of grime, garage and house and a knack for churning out instant classics.

He returns to Rinse this month with the ‘I Know You Want Me’ EP, a 4-tracker that sees Taylor selecting an eclectic array of weapons from his sonic arsenal; the title track is a ruthless 4×4 bruiser, softened only by some female vocal snatches, whilst ‘Koopa Shells’ goes in on a polished half-time trap flex. ‘Saints’, featuring D.O.K, draws for the gnarly grime/2-step cross-breed that he can now rightfully call his own, before the familiar anthemics of ‘Inside The Ride’ get a harsh VIP face lift. Stream the EP preview and pre-order it here – doing so will get you ‘Inside The Ride VIP’ immediately, before the release drops next Monday.