Preview New Peverelist Material

Punch Drunk boss and Bristol dubstep lynchpin Peverelist posted 3 new tracks for preview on his Soundcloud account last night.

Encompassing the dubstep-to-techno sound he’s become so well know for, ‘Fundamentals’ and ‘Livity’ have all the hallmarks of future Punch Drunk classics, with skittering percussion, straight techno stabs and subbass weight, perhaps most promisingly coming together on ‘Dance Til The Police Come’.

Preview the tracks below, and keep an eye out for the next Punch Drunk release later this month, Kahn’s ‘Like We Used To/Helter Skelter’.

Peverelist ‘Dance til the Police Come’ by Peverelist

Peverelist ‘Fundamentals’ by Peverelist

Peverelist ‘Livity’ by Peverelist