joe hessle

Preview New Joe On Hemlock

Fresh from releasing what may be one of the singles of the year on Hessle, Joe has unveiled his new 12” on Hemlock.

Following on from the well recieved ‘Slope/Maximum Busy Muscle’, the distinctly un-Google-able producer returns to Untold’s Hemlock for the first time since last year’s ‘MB/Studio Power On’. Equipped with a reputation for oddball idiosyncrasy and fearsome drum programming that makes him stand out even amongst the brazen weirdness of his contemporaries, Joe steps up to deliver another unhinged double blast of unclassifiable brilliance.

‘Punters Step Out’ lets a treble soaked organ line career around haphazardly, veering between a merry Caribbean inflected jaunt and a nauseous stupor. The rhythm section pairs a sturdy low end with typically varied drum work to anchor the whole thing down to a bizarre kind of dance-ability. The occasional interjection of what sounds like feedback from a headphone jack is a potentially polarising touch that only serves to heighten the air of lunacy.

‘Club Scared’ finds Joe filtering the rabid thump of the percussion in and out of focus as a mixture of sound effects, ranging from the cartoon-ish to the disturbing, whirr overhead. The dissonance is compounded by the presence of some incongruous female vocal samples ironically declaring that ‘This Is The Hook’.

You can listen to ‘Punters Step Out’ below, whilst you can pre order the 12″ before its release on 2nd December here, where you can also check out ‘Club Scared’.