Preview Forget Me Not’s Forthcoming Losing Suki Release

Stream new Bristol trio Forget Me Not’s ‘Stronger EP’, a lively record awaiting release on Hypercolour sub-label Losing Suki.

Now with Jack Dixon, Huxley, Shenoda, James Welsh, Bareskin and Last Magpie to their name, Losing Suki have provided an extra platform for Hypercolour‘s vast stable of artists, and maintained a high standard of melodic, dancefloor-ready releases.

Bristolians Forget Me Not adhere to the characteristic warmth of Hypercolour‘s sound with a catchy vocal cut making the EP’s title track ‘Stronger Than Me’, and backing it with an instrumental version. The real success comes in the second half of the release, with the Dusky-esque, 4/4 groove of ‘Big Tings’, and ‘How Long’, a steppy breaks track referencing each of the trio’s solo work in drum & bass.

The ‘Stronger EP’ is out on February 4 via Losing Suki. Preview below: