Darkhouse Fam

Preview Forthcoming EP From The Darkhouse Fam

Earnest Endeavours announce the follow up to B. Bravo’s ‘Kiss ‘n’ Tell’ EP.

For their second release EE call upon rising stars of the UK beat scene, Darkhouse Fam. Darkhouse Fam aka Don Leisure and Metabeats are products of the Welsh music community, with their music packing a rigorous punch; a deadly combination of off-kilter rhythms and kaleidoscopic bass tones.

The Darkhouse Fam are relatively new on the UK beat circuit but both members have been around for a minute. Barry-based Metabeats was a local UKG star, with various resideccies in Cardiff and stints in Ibiza as a 16 year old djing with legendary outfit The Dream Team. Cardiff based Don Leisure has developed from a Rephlex-inspired electronica producer to a drum and bass head, working at Valve alongside Dillinja and Lemon D.

This is certainly an an early contender for ‘ep of the year’, an accomplished “blaze of guttural, syrupy, synth-addled hip hop with an old school approach re-appropriated into a new school vision.” The full length EP features collaborations with Om’Mas Keith (of Sa-Ra Creative Partners), newcomer Vanity Jay and west-coast funk merchant, B.Bravo.

Check out the full artwork and tracklist below, and you can also preview the release by clicking here.

Darkhouse Fam – In & Out EP:
A1) Take On The World feat. Om’Mas Keith
A2) Red Leather
A3) Sticky Trees (Interlude) feat. Vanity Jay
B1) Tartan Paint
B2) Snaggletooth
B3) Like No Other feat. B. Bravo.
B4) In & Out (Reprise)