Preview ‘Elite’, Off My Nu Leng’s Forthcoming Black Butter Record

Stream a clip of a new My Nu Leng track, set for release on London’s Black Butter early next year.

Black Butter have, in their two years to date, released music by Rudimental, Marco Del Horno, Woz, Tomb Crew, Rack N’ Ruin and The Boogaloo Crew amongst others. My Nu Leng seem a natural fit with the label’s direction and, following the success of their 877 record, are a very worthy addition to the roster.

‘Elite’ has all the swagger of ‘Hips N’ Thighs’ and the low end glut of ‘The Grid’; My Nu Leng ticking all the boxes necessary for effective club music.

No exact release date set but expect this one in January or February 2013. Stream their Hyp mix here, and preview below.