Preview A Single From The Wraetlic Album

Alex Smoke to release on Convex Industries as Wraetlic, stream clips of ‘Rats’ and the SCB remix.

Much like with Jon Convex‘s debut album ealier this year, ‘Idoru’, the Wraetlic album will be released via Convex Industries and be preceeded by a string of album singles. On top of this ‘Rats’ 12″, there will also be a four-track sampler that includes ‘Refrain’ and ‘The Watchful Eye’ before the album drops on February 4.

Wraetlic is an alias of Glaswegian, Hum+Haw label boss, Alex Smoke. Following ten years of genuinely innovative strains of techno, Smoke explores deeper regions of electronica in this self-titled LP.

Haunting vocals, complex themes and measured tension distance ‘Wraetlic’ from the dancefloor, a intricate LP that demands a careful listen. Scuba, under his SCB guise, dBridge, and Jon Convex himself are on remix duties.

Preview the first single, ‘Rats’ alongside the SCB mix, see full album tracklist and watch the official video below.

‘Wraetlic’ LP full tracklisting:
1. Anothering
2. Scunner
3. PintleGrist
4. There Without
5. Refrain
6. Skinflint
7. Hymn To The Departed
8. The Dearth
9. Better The Devil
10. Rats
11. The Watchful Eye
12. Scunner [Jon Convex’s Deconstructed Mix]
13. Better The Devil [DBridge’s Advocate Mix]
14. Rats [SCB Edit]