Possible Cure For Noise Induced Deafness Discovered

Scientists have discovered a drug that may potentially solve deafness caused by exposure to loud noise, something previously thought to be incurable. 

Deafness caused by exposure to loud noise, the type commonly suffered by DJ’s and musicians, occurs when sensory hair sells are destroyed, a process that was hitherto thought to be irreversible. However, a new drug code-named LY411575 which has been shown to bring about the regeneration of damaged sensory hearing cells in mice that had been deafened by loud noise, giving hope to nearly 250 million human sufferers worldwide. The study, published in neuroscience journal ‘Neuron’, suggests the drug may be effective on humans but requires more testing. LY411575 functions by suppressing proteins called Notch, which prevent stem cells from becoming new sensory hair cells within the cochlea, the auditory area of the inner ear. With Deafness Research UK pinning down 87% of deafness to dammaged Cochlea hair cells, these findings could have huge implications for sufferers around the world.

via The Positive