Plastician To Mix Dubstep Allstars Vol. 10

Plastician will mix the tenth Dubstep Allstars CD, set for February 4 release.

Plastician joins the ranks of Youngsta, Silkie & Quest, Hatcha, N-Type, Chef & Ramadanman, Distance, Kode9, and Appleblim in mixing this landmark CD. Beginning in 2004, this Tempa-run mix series has long set the standard for commercial dubstep mixes, and it comes as no surprise, that Plastician is asked to take the reigns.

As he explains, his mix doesn’t veer far from the original 140BPM sound, drawing on tracks from J:Kenzo, Walsh, Mutated Mindz and more, and vocals from Footsie, Merky Ace, and Doctor.

“I wanted to pick tunes that I thought were proper traditional dubstep,” says Plastician of his selection. “The word dubstep means different things now, so I just wanted to do a mix that I can say 100% I think that all these tracks are dubstep, or not far from it. It’s as close to a pure dubstep mix as I could be, without doing an old school mix. So it’s trying to keep it fresh, with all current stuff, but with an old head on my shoulders.”

“In my normal sets I’d play all sorts – grime, or basically anything that I can mix in that has a bit of bass in it, really,” he says. “So I obviously wanted to put my stamp on it as well, I didn’t want people to pick it up and say ‘this doesn’t sound like a Plastician mix’.”

Buy Dubstep Allstars Vol. 10 from February 4, and see artwork and full tracklisting below.

dubstep allstars 10

Dubstep Allstars Vol. 10 full tracklisting:
01. Cato feat. Doctor – Brap (Plastician VIP)
02. Nomine – Waves
03. Jaydrop – Blind Run
04. J:Kenzo – Contagion
05. Vicious Circle – Not Afraid
06. FNC – Prism
07. Commodo – Axis
08. LAXX & Walsh – LA Drift
09. Jaydrop – That’s How It Is
10. Kumarachi – Voyager
11. Merky Ace – Greaze (Pote’s Smash N Grab Remix)
12. Megalodon & Badklaat – Twisted Metal
13. J:Kenzo – Depth Charge
14. Moony – Close Enough
15. Mutated Mindz – Valentine Dreams
16. Stinkahbell – Sunday Worries
17. Dream – Desolate
18. J:Kenzo feat. Footsie – No Man’s Land
19. Korea – Submarine
20. Plastician – Alone Time
21. Teknian – Sorga