Planet Mu To Release Kuedo’s ‘Severant’

We finally have further details about one of the year’s most aniticpated album releases (around this way anyway) – Jamie Teasdale aka. Kuedo’s long player ‘Severant’ [reports FACT].

Released via Mike Paradinas’ ever-busy Planet Mu on October 17, the 15 track album spans the development of the Kuedo sound, expanding on the microchip soul and smoldering beat blues of his past 3 releases for the label (‘Sutter Light Girl’, from last years ‘Dream Sequence’ EP, being the only track from these that makes an appearance).

As anyone who’s followed Teasdale’s career, from his time in pioneering dubstep/bass act Vex’d, through his groundbreaking releases as Jamie Vex’d, to now, will know that the man has a healthy obsession with Ridley Scott’s 1982 cult film Bladerunner, and there are traces all over the album of both the aesthetic of the film (despotic retro-futurism) and the hugely popular soundtrack (futurebound, electronic blues) from Italian from synth master Vangelis.

As Kuedo himself puts it: ”I wanted to capture a really futurist sentiment, kind of melancholy and grand luminescent, so I used the instrument that most evokes that for me – that sweeping Vangelis brass sound.”

You can preview the tracklist and artwork below, and stream clips of the tracks over at the Planet Mu website.

Kuedo – ‘Severant’ Tracklist:
01. Visioning Shared Tomorrows
02. Ant City
03. Whisper Fate
04. Onset (Escapism)
05. Scissors
06. Truth Flood
07. Reality Drift
08. Ascension Phase
09. Salt Lake Cuts
10. Seeing The Edges
11. Flight Path
12. Shutter Light Girl
13. Vectoral
14. As We Lie Promising
15. Memory Rain